Summer Yoga

Yogi’s appreciate that each season has a different energy and of course summer is now in full swing!  Hello sunshine and high energy!  The Summer Solstice was on 21st June, which marked the official start of summer and the longest day of the year, plus it’s the mid way point!  Can you believe that we are more than half way through 2018 already?!

The summer season is all about feeling vibrant, optimistic, joyful and feelings of gratitude, especially gratitude for the year so far. So take this moment now to think about all the things you’ve achieved this year (no matter how small!) and really celebrate them. Celebrate how far you’ve come, you made it to July in one piece!

It’s also a time of renewed energy and putting that fresh summer energy into what matters most to you for the rest of the year. You can recalibrate and refocus. Where do you want your energy to go for the rest of the year? What do you want to achieve?  When January 2019 comes around, where do you want to be?

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, the Heart is the major organ that is most active in summer, which is associated with the fire element. You can really stoke that fire within, to get inspired and all fired up!  It’s very ‘yang’ in energy.  Tap into this energy to get things done. Your Yoga practice can be strong, sweaty and fiery in nature at this time of the year with lots of Sun Salutations.

However, as with all fires, they need to be kept in control. Otherwise they will rage out of control! Balance is key here and making time for self-care, relaxation and cooling down is just as important.

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of your chest and tuning into this Chakra will help to open your heart to love, joy and gratitude. This Chakra is all about connection. So, summer is a great time to socialise, make new connections and strengthen your current relationships.

I’ve created a short 10 minute heart opening gratitude flow below, which you can do in the morning to tap into gratitude and the Heart Chakra. The Thymus Gland is also located here and I use the ‘Thymus Tap’ to stimulate this gland and bring balance to your system and reduce stress.

If you want to go deeper with me and tap into the Summer energy, join me for a 90 minute Summer Heart Chakra Flow on Tuesday 24th July @ 7.00pm. You can book through the timetable here.

Otherwise, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy all the local summer seasonal foods, such as the strawberries here in Scotland (so sweet and juicy!) and use this season to love, connect and live in the moment with gratitude in your heart.


Note: If you find stepping your leg forward from downward facing dog difficult, just come down onto your knees first and step your leg forward that way instead.

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