The Wisdom of Autumn

img_3148The start of Autumn arrived yesterday with the Autumn Equinox!  A day where light and dark are of equal length but darkness slowly starts to tip the balance.  Nature is winding down and preparing for winter. The trees are shedding their leaves.  The beautiful Autumn colours are starting to be seen.

At these turning points of the year, it’s always good to reflect on the wisdom that the season ahead holds and for Autumn letting go is a huge theme.  This is a great time to let go of something that is no longer serving you be it a habit, a belief, a thought, a relationship, or even simply by decluttering your house / wardrobe.  Make room for something new to come into your life this Autumn.

Gratitude is also another big theme with harvest and thanks giving being celebrated during this season.  Reflect on and celebrate all of the things that you are grateful for in your life.  Write them down in a journal and give thanks either by simply saying thank you out loud (or even better to the people in your life) or by taking a few slow sun salutations in honour of them.

In Autumn the energy slows down and starts to draw inwards, so you really need to balance out your doing and resting.  Lots of self care and in terms of your Yoga practice, more Yin and Restorative practices!

The Lungs are the most active organ in Autumn according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, so the best practice you can do this season is breathing! Take a few minutes every day for full deep belly breaths.  Even better, get outside into nature and breathe in that crisp Autumn air.

This can be a time of colds and flu’s with the changing of the season, so drink plenty of herbal teas like ginger &lemon and add in some of the more pungent spices to your cooking like cinnamon, ginger, and garlic to ward off those pesky germs and warm you up from the inside out!

Always aim to eat what’s in season locally which in this season is root vegetables including pumkins, parsnips and turnips.  Imagine all those lovely stews and soups you can make as the weather turns colder! Yum!

This week we have a 90 minute Autumn Slow Flow in honour of the new season where we will focus on the lower 3 charkas that represent the Autumn colours of red, orange and yellow!  It will be slow and very grounding and will wind right down into Yin and Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep).  Why not join me by booking here, otherwise start slowing down and cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

Autumn is most definitely my favourite season!  How about you?


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