What are the Chakras?

img_2636I’m super fascinated by the Chakras.  I just love them!  Hence why the name ‘The Chakra Hut’ was given to the studio.  The Chakras are really a map to your soul.  They are a bridge – a rainbow bridge between your body and your spirit.

The 7 main Chakras are important energy centers in your body that closely correspond with your endocrine system.  Where each Chakra is located, a major nerve centre or gland in your body is also found.  What runs through these nerve centres(and Chakras)? Massive amounts of information in the form of energy, similar to an electrical charge. Just like electricity, you can’t see the Chakras but they are there!  They live in your subtle body.

They run up along the spine from the bottom right up to the crown of your head.  They each vibrate at different speeds, so if you could see them, they would look a certain colour. Why?  Because colour is vibration also.  Colour is simply wavelengths of a certain frequency that your brain perceives as colour.  Everything is vibration.

The 7 Chakras

The Root Chakra which is represented by the colour red and has the lowest vibration.  It holds your survival instincts.  It’s located at the base of the spine.

The Sacral Chakra which is represented by the colour orange.  It holds your creativity, sexuality, emotions, desires, and  how you deal with change.  It’s located in your sacrum / pelvic area.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is represented by the colour yellow.  It holds your confidence, self-esteem, personal power, and ability to take actions on your desires. It’s located at the solar plexus area just under the rib cage.

The Heart Chakra is represented by the colour green.  It’s all about love, connection, harmony and balance.  It’s slap bang in the middle of the chain and is the gateway between the  physical (the bottom 3 Chakras) to the more spiritual (the top 3).  It’s located in the centre of the chest.

The Throat Chakra is represented by the colour blue.  It’s all about communication,  speaking your truth, asking for what you want and using your words wisely as they too are vibration and hold great power.  It’s found in the centre of the throat.

The Third Eye Chakra is the colour indigo.  It’s your intuitive centre, your inner wisdom, the big vision you hold for your life, the ability to see things clearly and also the belief systems you hold. It’s found in between the eyebrows at the third eye centre.

The Crown Charkra is represented by either a bright white light or the colour lavender.  It’s your connection to your soul, your spiritual nature, your big purpose in life.   It’s located outside of your body, above the crown of the head.

The Chakras also represent your needs as a human being and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (as shown below) is based on the Chakra system.  If you don’t get these any of these needs met, you feel stress, anxiety, depression and even physical symptoms.


The Chakras are a great tool to examine your health, mental wellbeing, beliefs and where you might be over or under developed in each area.  There is so much depth to them and I hope this blog serves as an introduction and has maybe sparked an interest to learn more!

Interested to work with them more?  Then join me for 90 minutes of Yin Yoga for your Chakras this Sunday (11th November) @ 11.00am – 12.30am. It’ll be a slow and meditative approach, using visualisations, mantras and Yoga postures to target each Chakra.   You can book your space through the timetable here.

Hope to see you there!

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