Restoration Friday.

img_3897A mini Yoga re-treat for Women.

Stress affects us all and women’s endocrine systems in particular are knocked off balance by stress which can affect everything from mood, to fertility, to general health & wellbeing due to the hormonal balance that’s needed to keep our cyclical nature ticking over.

We women go through many stages in life and our bodies do amazing things on the inside from periods, to pregnancy, to breast feeding, all the way though to menopause. Our bodies are truly amazing! I’m myself am currently pregnant and in total awe of what my body is doing to grow another little human being!

This delicate hormonal balance means we really do need to take care of our ourselves, slow down and honour our bodies to find that optimum balance and there is no better way than Yoga! The therapeutic benefits of Yoga for women are so powerful!

Join me on Friday 31st May @ 6.30pm for 90 minutes of restoration and nurturing our feminine nature.

You will be guided through some pranayama (breathing), a slow moving meditation to honour our 2 major power centres – the womb and the heart and finish off with some Restorative Yoga and a guided relaxation with visualisation and sounds.

Suitable for females in ALL stages of life.

Come back home to yourself, give yourself some self care time and celebrate your beautiful feminine nature. You will leave feeling nurtured and balanced.

Go on you totally deserve it!

When: Friday 31st May – 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Where: The Chakra Hut, Unit 44a, Huntershill Village, Crowhill Road, Bishopbriggs

Exchange: £15

Led By: Donna Gibson

Restoration Friday

1 x Person


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