Self Love Yoga

img_2860 You are perfect as you are, but sometimes it can feel challenging to appreciate this when societal messages often suggest otherwise.

Clare Bennett and Donna Gibson have both found that practising yoga helps them to create and nourish a deep and loving connection with self, learning that human beings are more than our possessions, our body, our thoughts and our emotions.

In this workshop, we will practice yoga and meditation, going beyond purely talking about self-love to actually go inwards to experience self-love throughout our bodies, and pay attention to that true loving voice that is often drowned out by the noise of modern life.


  • To practice Yoga (suitable for all levels including complete beginners, and all equipment provided)
  • To learn easily applicable and practical Self-Love tools and perhaps share some of yours
  • A welcoming group environment with open discussions
  • A healthy lunch


  • Take time for yourself, and let go of your tension and stress
  • Pause, reflect and relax then feel that warm glow of inner self-love
  • Feel more open, nourished, connected and inspired
  • Experience personal transformation


Donna Gibson is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher & Life Coach who passionately believes that yoga is a powerful form of self-love.

Clare Bennett supports people to develop self-love and more authentic connections through one-to-one and group sessions.

If the cost of this experience feels too much for you, please contact us and we can look at an alternative price for you.

We look forward to stretching our body, mind and soul with you.  Book your place using the PayPal or Visa/Mastercard buttons below.

Donna Gibson & Clare Bennett. x


Self-Love Yoga Workshop

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for the event.



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