New Year Vision & F.L.O.W. Workshop

Vision BoardHow was 2018 for you?  Did you achieve the things you wanted to? Did you feel the way you wanted to feel?  Did you spend your time and energy on things that really mattered to you and made you happy?

Take some time out for yourself on the eve of the first full Moon of the year, to get clear on how to best Focus your Life Force On What Matters Most to YOU.

Slowing down and pausing to reflect is always good for your career, your relationships, your health and happiness. Using the worksheets and processes Donna will share with you in the workshop, will allow you to access deeper parts of yourself to find out what truly matters to you most.

Yoga and Vision Boarding are great tools to gain insight on what your heart truly wants.  This workshop will get you inspired and motivated for the year ahead and give you the boost you need to make wise choices and put your energy and resources to what truly matters to you in 2019.

We will open up our hearts, womb spaces and minds with some Lunar Yoga that taps into our feminine, creative energy to reflect what we want to birth in 2019, taking advantage of the full Moon energy at this time also to let go of the things we want to leave behind in 2018.

You will then create a Vision Board that represents what you want to achieve and feel for the rest of 2019.

Creating a Vision Board is relaxing, creative and fun!  It’s a visual representation of what you want to manifest.  The process of creating a Vision Board taps into your subconscious.

All materials will be provided for you, but if you see any images in the meantime that resonate with you, then cut them out and bring them along.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a vision and Vision Board that captures what you want to be, do and have for the rest of the year.

There will of course be refreshments, snacks and great company provided!

When: Sunday, 17th Feb @ 12.30pm – 4.00pm

Exchange: £27

Led By: Donna Gibson, qualified Life Coach & Yoga Teacher.

Vision & F.L.O.W. Workshop

Admission for 1.



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