Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

Nourysh Yoga

Are you confused about all the conflicting information about nutrition out there?  Would you like to eat and move in a way that nourishes your mind, body and soul? Do you want straight forward, no nonsense, science based and easily implementable information from a qualified expert?

Then join Karen MacDonald of Nourysh Yoga for a Yoga & Nutrition Workshop that will give you all the information you need to start eating and moving in a way that serves you better straight away!

Karen is a Yoga teacher in the traditional Hatha style as well as an experienced Registered Dietitian.

This 3 hour session will include yoga, activities and discussion centred on exercising and eating in a sustainable and mindful way to best benefit the whole you.  Beginners are welcome!

In an era of fad diets, media and celebrity fuelled sensationalism, Karen will dispel many of the food myths and hype that steal our attention outwards from what we really need to do and think about to become the best version of ourselves.

NOT a cookery demonstration!

NOT a weight loss plan!

NOT exclusive!

NOT confusing!

NOT a mindfulness retreat!

But most importantly, there will be Tea and Cake…yes, cake…it’s part of your well-being too!

Date: Sun, 13th May

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Exchange: £30

To find out more information, e-mail Karen at

Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

Note there is a 48 hour cancellation policy for this event


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